The Beetles have made a fabulous start to their time in Year 5. I have been very impressed by their hard work and enthusiasm. It has been lovely to hear about what they have been up to over the summer and to see them welcoming Clara into our class.

On Thursday we talked about what had been the best things about the week – a different classroom and different teachers were mentioned lots but also our credit reward system, playing fizz buzz, our maths work and thinking about how our brains work, having a new start, taking on responsibility and laughing.

On Tuesday I sent home our class newsletter – a copy can be accessed below as well as our learning jigsaw.

newsletters autumn i 17

Year 5 Curriculum Overview JigSaw Autumn1

Beetles’ Homework – Friday 8th September 2017

1. Learn this week’s spellings – there will be a test next week. Make sure that you know how each word is used.
2. If you would like to be a School Councillor this year please prepare a speech to give next week to persuade the rest of the class to vote for you.
3. In your homework book create a fact file about a beetle of your choice. Make sure that you include lots of interesting facts and a picture.
4. Make sure that you do some reading.

Miss Philpott                    Mrs Bayly                                 Beetles                                 Beatles
Nutrient                            stomach                                   heart                                    lungs
Digestion                        blood