Another busy week has passed in Big Robins and the children have certainly settled into the routines and school life.

After learning how to recognise and say some sounds, this week we started to form some on the letter shapes and the children were all incredibly enthusiastic and keen to learn how to write – having learnt how to read the week before!

Chantel came into visit us this week with a load of caterpillars that will eventually become cabbage white butterflies. We were allowed to hold the caterpillars – very gently – and they are now ours to watch grow and change.

This week we have also been practising our listening skills and have been spending time as a whole group sharing stories about our families – your secrets are out now!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to come along to the meeting on Monday where you practice your phonics skills in a non-pressured environment!

Sara and the FSU Team