Peripatetic Music Lessons

We have a variety of music tutors who deliver peripatetic lessons during school time. To talk to the tutors about your child taking lessons, please use the contact information below. All payments and arrangements should be made directly between the tutor and yourself. We have an active school orchestra, and choir, so there are lots of opportunities to put the learning into practice!


Andrew Bold
07414 820288
Thursdays & Fridays

Guitar (Pop, Folk and Rock)

Chris Back (Tutor/ Performer)
01647 440155 or 07981 957232

We learn by playing chords straight away, and then taking things further into Rock Riffs, Lead guitar, fingerpicking and other styles. You can also join in with the school Rock Band!

Piano / Clarinet / Saxophone / Recorder

Victoria Loram
01647 432769 / 07704 770771
Lessons are about having fun and enjoying music. Children learn lots of tunes in different styles, how to read music and how to improvise. Feel free to contact Victoria about your child’s lessons.

Piano / Oboe / Saxophone / Recorder/ Ukulele/ Flute / Clarinet

Sarah Small

Please contact to discuss lessons.
07970 951168