Our Staff

Our wonderful staff team is below. We also have a ‘Who’s Who’ photo board in our main foyer so you can put faces to names. Please feel free to email your child’s class teacher regarding any issues or questions. For all other queries or headteacher queries, please email admin@chagford-primary.devon.sch.uk or use the link at the bottom of the page.

Head Teacher – Mrs Liz Wiseman

Assistant Head – Miss Deborah Philpott

SENCo – Mrs Catherine Thomas


Subject Co-ordinators

English – Mr Billinghurst

Maths – Miss Philpott

RE – Miss Philpott

Humanities – Miss Philpott

Science – Mr Billinghurst

PE/ Sport – Mr Turner

ICT – Mr Skinner

Languages – Ms Rowe/ Mrs Saturley

Creative Arts  – Ms Rowe

Foundation Stage Teaching Team

Big Robins Class (Reception) / Little Robins Class (N2)

Class Teacher – Ms Sara Halsey sara@chagford-primary.devon.sch.uk. PPA cover is provided by Mrs Beth Dooley.
Teaching Assistant – Miss Jade Hanley

Little Robins – Foundation Stage Unit

Foundation Stage Practitioners: Tina Adams, Dani Rout, Liz Bonfield, Claire-Shauna Saunders, Tracy Stevens, Charlotte Cousens

Key Stage 1 Teaching Team

Mole Class (Yr 1) Mrs Thomas cthomas@chagford-primary.devon.sch.uk

Hedgehog Class (Yr 2) Mr Skinner jskinner@chagford-primary.devon.sch.uk

PPA cover is provided by Mr Dray.

Key Stage 2 Teaching Team

Otter Class (Year 3) Mr Mike Turner mturner@chagford-primary.devon.sch.uk  PPA Cover is provided by Mrs Sheila D’Arch Smith

Badger Class (Year 4) Miss Lisa Rowe lisa@chagford-primary.devon.sch.uk and Mrs Julia Denney jdenney@chagford-primary.devon.sch.uk

Fox Class (Year 5) Mr Lee Billinghurst leebillinghurst@chagford-primary.devon.sch.uk PPA Cover is provided by Mrs Sheila D’Arch Smith

Red Deer Class (Year 6) Miss Deborah Philpott deborah@chagford-primary.devon.sch.uk PPA Cover is provided by Mrs Sheila D’Arch Smith and Mrs Beth Dooley

French Teaching

Mrs Amanda Saturley

Teaching Assistant Team

Mrs Sheila D’Arch Smith

Mrs Beth Dooley

Mr James Dray

Mrs Pam Dunnage

Mrs Claire Saunders

Mrs Amanda Saturley

Mrs Lyn Stoner

Mrs Betsy Rowe

Miss Charlotte Cousens

Mrs Julia Denney

Miss Jade Hanley


School’s Out – Breakfast, After School and Holiday Club

Tina Adams

Jade Hanley

Sophie Hicks

Charlotte Cousens

Beth Dooley


Support Team

Mrs Nuala McDermott, Business Manager/ Clerk to Governors

Mrs Ayesha Robins, Administration Assistant


Mrs Marie Bunclark, School Cleaner

Mrs Sharon Philpott, School Cleaner


Mrs Marie Bunclark, Kitchen Manager

Mrs Shirley Bennie, Kitchen Assistant


Mrs Barley Lewis, Mealtime Assistant

Miss Sophie Hicks, Mealtime Assistant

Mrs Sharon Philpott, Mealtime Assistant