This week has flown by and taken a flying theme.

On Tuesday we heard from the Natural History Musuem that they would like our help in recovering a meteorite that has crashed to earth. Unfortunately, the crash site is very difficult to access so the recovery team will be parachuted in. Our job was to make recommendations about the size and shape of the parachutes and the material they should be made of and the length of the strings in order to produce a safe and controlled landing. We had fun testing out our ideas using toy animals.

On Wednesday we walked up to Chagford House to visit the Bristol Scout World War 1 bi-plane that was there. We were amazed by its size and simplicity compared with modern planes!

We’ve also worked on our Autumnal poems, some of which will be performed at our Harvest service this Wednesday at 2pm in Church. Please do bring along donations for the Okehampton food bank – dried and tinned food please.