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The highlight of this week for Oak Class was the Official Opening of our new school. We greatly enjoyed listening to Michael Morpurgo telling his story of when he was an owl in a school play. It was lovely to see all the people who had helped to make our new school happen and hear the Bishop bless us and the building. The cake was yummy too!

This week we’ve continued to think about how to stay safe on-line and thought about who the best people are for us to talk to if something goes wrong. It was great to see a good number of the class representing the school in the football and netball matches for the first time. We continued to help the Natural History Museum with their retrieval of the meteorite; this week they needed advice as to which path they should cycle down. Their bikes had no brakes and all the paths were very steep so they needed to think carefully about whether they went along the muddy track, the tarmac path or the smooth rock. In order to give good advice we explored the friction created as we moved vehicles over different surfaces using force metres.

In our literacy and topic work we have worked hard to understand the causes of World War One and how different countries were on different sides. We have started to become experts on trenches and will continue our work on this next week. We have also written acrostic poems about the war and peace, some of which will be displayed in Church as part of their Remembrance commemorations next month.

On Thursday afternoon, despite the rain, we had a good time with Chantel outside. We explored autumn fruits as well as working on the landscaping of our school grounds.

Ms Rowe is unwell unfortunately so will not be in school next week. Miss Philpott will be teaching most of the week with some cover from Mr Dray and Mrs Wiseman.