I trust that you are having a fantastic Easter break and managing to have some relaxation time with your families. The weather hasn’t been as kind as we would like but the sunshine has managed to break through at times. This term has been fast and furious and both the pupils and teachers have worked very hard to ensure that Chagford remains a happy and productive school. Thank you to all the school team and to you as parents, for your ongoing support.
The new school has been developing well over this term and internally the walls are all in place along with much of the electrical first fixes so it is beginning to feel like a reality now. The Kier team continue to accommodate us as a school and we have been very impressed with their commitment to the smooth running of the school site. This week the Kier team will be constructing the required ‘Bat House’ to help accommodate the bats which currently dwell in the school roof space, prior to demolition later in the summer. The house will be a wooden construction and will be located at the back of the school site. Rest assured the bats will be very impressed with the scale and quality of their new accommodation – it has taken a lot of planning; almost as much as the actual school!
The final term will begin with the Year 6 SATs commencing on 14th May and finishing on Thursday 17th May. The whole school will of course be considerate during this time and wish the year 6 pupils the success they deserve. They have been working really hard as a class and should be justly rewarded.
All pupils are due back to start the summer term on Monday 16th April 2018.
Kind regards
Liz Wiseman



Top of the leader board this week with a Gold star is Caterpillars Class. Silver award to Bees Class and Bronze to Big Robins Class. Well done everyone.


Dear Parents, Staff and Friends

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to support bingo night. It was a real fun night and organised perfectly by Sue Biffani and Amanda Stocks. The total profit raised amounted to £433.05. We could not have raised the funds for the school without your loyal support.

Also a big thank you for the cake donations, the refreshments are an integral part to the fundraising. I could not have managed in the Kitchen without Claire, Sarah and Tamsin and not forgetting Chris. It was a real team effort by all.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and to thank the teachers for all their dedication to the children.

Kindest regards Nicola Leaman

Dates for your diary

  • Thursday 19th April – Football and Netball match away at Bridstowe Primary 14:45 – 17:15pm
  • Friday 20th April – West Devon Tag Rugby finals at Okehampton Pavillons 10am – 3pm
  • Thursday 26th April –  Football and Netball match away at North Tawton
  • Thursday 26th April – Beetles class asssembly

All participants will be emailed with additional details and consents, medical conditions and any donations will need to be completed on your school gateway account.

News and Information

The Mid Devon Pony Club, based in Chagford and surrounding areas, welcomes you and your pony to join our club, make new friends and have fun. We hold lots of events for all abilities and ages around mid Devon, from training in riding and pony care, Tetrathlon (shooting, running, swimming, riding), social rides, an annual camp, jumping, dressage, gymkhana and many other horsey activities. Come along to our popular Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday (30th March, non-members welcome) to enter the Easter bonnet competition, meet other Mid Devon Pony Club members and win heaps of chocolate. Please contact Christine Phillips on 07770 526267 for more information or to enter the Easter Egg Hunt.

Open Tower Day. A year has now passed since the rededication of our refurbished and rehung church bells, and we are enjoying the fruits of our labours. Considerable time has been put in to training new ringers, as we have been blessed with a good number of new recruits to the tower, adults and youngsters (ranging from Y6 through to 10) alike, and all these Learners/Novices are making good progress. We have a dumbbell on order, and likewise a ringing simulator set-up, both of which are due to be installed over the coming months, and which will aid training. We have also had the go-ahead to install our own dedicated video link between belfry and ringing chamber. So, the tower continues to be a hive of activity! On this Saturday, 30th March, we will again be holding an Open Tower Day at St Michael’s, 10a.m. till 4p.m, to present another opportunity to come up and see the bells* and how they’re hung, and a demo of how a bell is rung. There will also be an exhibition of the tower’s history, and ongoing free refreshments of the tea & cake variety – for which donations will willingly be accepted!

Crowdfunding – Refurbishing the Clubhouse

Our crowdfunding page for the major re-furb of Chagford clubhouse down at the War Memorial Fields has just gone live:


Please check it out – all contributions, large or small, gratefully received – indoor gym facilities definitely preferable in this weather!

This crowdfunding is part of a larger project to fully refurbish the pavilion building to encourage a much wider range of users, particularly women and older people.

The overall Clubhouse project consists of three main elements:

  • Converting an upstairs space (currently used as a snooker room) into a studio for Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.
  • Enlarging and refurbishing the downstairs gym, upgrading the facilities and adding new equipment. We are applying for a grant to fund the major part of this work.
  • Upgrade and modernise the catering facilities, to attract a larger clientele to use the facilities

Head lice – are tiny insects that live in human hair, and are particularly common in children. They can’t fly, jump or swim and are spread by head-to-head contact, climbing from the hair of an infected person to the hair of someone else. Prevention is the best cure, so if your child has long hair, please ensure it is tied back for school! Head lice can be difficult to detect, even when you closely inspect your child’s head. If you think your child may have head lice, please check your child’s hair. The most common places for head lice to lurk are in the hair behind the ears and at the nape of the neck. If you still can’t spot any lice, comb the child’s hair with a special nit comb. These are available from most chemists. It’s easier to spot head lice as they fall out if you comb the hair over a piece of white paper. If head lice are present, you need to treat your child. You should only treat your child if you find live head lice, which confirms a live infestation. Don’t treat “just in case”. Head lice are tough. They can’t be killed by washing with normal shampoo or normal combing. Because they reproduce so quickly, you’ve got to kill them before they spread to others. If your child has head lice, check everyone in the family. You’ll need to treat everyone affected to get rid of them. You can treat head lice by wet-combing hair with a special comb, or by using medicated lotions or sprays available over the counter at pharmacies. Please make sure that your child’s hair is tied back everyday at school to limit the spread across the school.