Dry weather at last



During the next month, Kier will begin slating the roof, installing windows and doors, screeding the ground floor, and adding to split faced concrete to the perimeter walls.



 Inside the hall and ground floor classrooms




Inside the new hall



Our new school is definitely taking shape!

Stars of the week

Big Robins Class: George w for his lovely, friendly and cooperative behaviour this week. Max for his determination and continued progress in his writing.

Grasshoppers ClassMax G for your excellent attitude , progress and increasing independence. Well done Max! Ellawyn for your super enthusiasm and enjoyment. Keep this up! Well done!

Caterpillars Class: Jemima for her contributions during class discussions and for sharing her understanding so clearly in Science. Ottilie for her fantastic drama performance during English and for being a fantastic friend to Isla. Olivia for her wonderful perseverance with shape this week and for being such a fantastic friend to Isla.

Dragonflies Class: Will and Birdie for their handwriting and general enthusiasm. Ember for an amazing poem for elicitation task.

Beetles Class: Dylan CO – fabulous maths work all week – positive attitude and getting lots done. Mae – really positive start to term – good relationships with others and working hard + fabulous story writing at home.

Bees Class: All of the Bees! For very maturely handling their mock SATs this week.


Top of the leader board this week with a Gold star is Beetles class. Silver and Bronze awards to Caterpillars and Dragonflies class. Well done everyone.

Dates for your diary

TONIGHT, Friday 12th Jan – PTFA meeting at 8pm at the Ring of Bells, Chagford. Everyone very welcome

Height and Weight measurements for Reception class will be rescheduled due to illness within the school nursing team

Hearing Tests will be rescheduled due to illness within the school nursing team

Thursday 18th January – Bees Class collective worship 3 pm

Tuesday 23rd January – Fire Safety with years 1, 2 and 5. A letter will be sent home with more information and remember you must return the form if you wish to opt out.

Tuesday 30th January – 4 + 5 year olds 30/1/18 eye tests. Please see letter sent home with your child for more information and remember you must return the form if you wish to opt out.

News and information

Craig’s Football Club – For  the next four weeks the years 3 and 4 football club will be split into two this is due to the high numbers of children wanting to take part and available space to play. This is a temporary solution and we will reassess this as soon as the weather allows. Parents have been emailed but if unsure please see Craig for more details.

Western Power will be carrying out works in Lamb Park between 29th Jan – 10th Feb. Restricted parking in Lamb Park will commence on 29th January and will affect residence parking between No 22 to No5 Lamb Park. Western Power have asked that for the duration of the works that no vehicles are parked in the above mentioned parking bays.

Sarah Small is now offering clarinet, flute, recorder, saxophone and ukulele lessons. If you are interested in your child learning a new instrument in 2018 or want to improve their playing please call 07970 951168