Goodness me, the weeks go by so quickly! I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful sunshine weekend! The Grasshoppers are certainly enjoying the Space project! Don’t forget that a week on Thursday we shall be doing our class assembly in the hall. The children have already decided what they would like to do for the assembly. It will be Space themed and you may well have a request for certain colour clothes to be brought into school for the assembly.

This last week we have been focused on persuasive writing in our literacy. Persuading our readers why our hotels on the moon definitely should be visited has been fun! Would you like to go climbing in golden craters, sleep in a bed made of cheese or buy some precious moon rock jewellery? I think I’ll pass on the bed! Everyone in class is using a range of sentence structures and lots of descriptive vocabulary successfully. Well done!

In maths we have been revising 2D and 3D shape: names, properties and symmetry as well as revisiting money as a focus. Please do give your child as much practical experience of calculating totals and calculating change as possible and practice at talking about the value of different coins and notes. Playing shops is always a favourite.

In computing we have demonstrated how great we are as a class at teamwork. We have worked together to make algorithms and then programmed our beebots and mice to complete different journeys. Games at home where we need to know left from right would be very useful! Clockwise and anti-clockwise too! Wordshark, a game that supports learning in phonics and spelling, is proving to be a favourite on our school tablets.

Throwing, catching, aiming and batting are all improving in PE, which we do most days. Please could you make sure your child has a PE kit in school and please do send in a sunhat or sun lotion whilst summer is here. We shall be making the most of outdoor learning over the rest of this term.

With thanks and best wishes,

Catherine Thomas