This week has been very exciting. Well done Grasshoppers for an excellent rap performance during our Harvest celebration on Monday. You were great!

On Tuesday morning we found out a lot about being a paramedic. We had plenty to share as well; knowledge and experiences! Thank-you very much Claire for giving us such an informative start to the day. We can’t beat Fred the dummy; his chest is just too hard to compress but we are getting better at wrapping the bandages and making slings!

We have visited the school garden this week and enjoyed the tastes of the raspberries, runner beans and courgettes – some of us had nibbles on nasturtium flowers. Most popular was testing our taste buds to see if we could recognise what flavour sweet we were tasting, after finding out how our tongues work. Some of us thought we definitely needed to try more than one sweet for this experiment!

In maths we have been learning more about addition and subtraction and how they are linked. If you know that 6+4=10 then you also know that 4+6=10,10-4=6 and 10-6=4. Year 2 have explored a range of strategies for addition and subtraction calculations to 100. Everyone has made good progress in their learning and worked well together in their trios.

In literacy we have completed our own new stories based on How to Hide a Lion at School. Great ideas and a really good effort at writing them down. Well done Grasshoppers!

We have also been thinking about what we would like to be when we grow up; this has followed discussions about how we are changing very slowly all of the time. Although wobbly teeth coming out can make us look different quite quickly.

It has been a very busy week and most of us are feeling tired and ready for the weekend. Wishing you a safe and happy Saturday and Sunday.

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas