Welcome back to school everyone! We have had a busy and purposeful first day back. Everybody was very keen to be here – seeing friends and celebrating our skills both in and outside the classroom. This half-term our topic is sport. Tomorrow we have a visitor coming to put us though our paces, with a focus on our cricketing skills. I think he will be very impressed. We have some great bowling actions and can send our fielders speeding to retrieve the ball after batting accurately. Please will you make sure that your child has shoes for PE outside? Thank-you! We hope to be doing some PE every day and will be super fit by Sports Day

We have a Sports Centre reception area in class and have made our own timetables for the Sports Centre today. The name chosen and voted for by the Grasshoppers is the Spectacular Sporty Sports Centre! This week we shall be solving problems linked with time, and also with weight, in maths. For example, if swimming starts at 2:00 and lasts for 1 1/2 hours, what time will swimming finish? If the weights class has 10 5kg weights, how much will these weigh altogether?

Our Sports Centre will also be the focus in literacy. We shall be planning, designing and making information leaflets for the Centre. We shall also design and make posters advertising and persuading people to come and use the Centre.

Our class assembly this half-term will be on June 28th, two days after Sports Day.

I hope you have all enjoyed a good half-term break.

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas