Grasshoppers class have enjoyed a busy and exciting couple of weeks back at school. Everyone is making a very good effort in all of our activities as well as supporting each other in teams at work and in play. We are pleased to be doing some PE nearly every day. We are displaying some very promising skills in readiness for cricket, tennis, football, netball and rugby related games. Well done!

Our new topic is very exciting! We are discovering some amazing facts about Space as well as imagining what the future might hold when we are as old as Mrs. Thomas! Trips to stay in hotels on the Moon are a real possibility! In the meantime it is lots of fun designing aliens and spaceships! We are making our own Spaceship control deck in class and have used free choice pictures about Space to create a collage of the ‘vast unknown’.

In maths we have been linking our counting patterns with number sentences and number stories as well as enjoying Space related maths investigations.

In literacy we have loved the story of Nobot, the robot who lost his bottom! Hilarious! We have made up a new story about what happens when he loses his arm. Next week we shall be inventing our own individual stories about something getting lost. We have also created some beautiful acrostic poems about Space, the stars and the Moon. Lines include ‘Sparkling, shimmering stunning stars’.

Well done Grasshoppers for a brilliant two weeks! Have a safe and happy weekend!

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas