Well done to all of the Grasshoppers for such a good effort during our first half-term in this class. We are building a positive and collaborative team; taking good care of each other and showing growing determination in our learning.

Yesterday’s assembly was fun! Thank-you to everyone who was able to come. Every grasshopper had something to say in the assembly and I think our voices were just about the right size; well done! Super singing, dancing, playing and displaying too. Great!

Also this week we have been exploring touch in class and finding out more about our skin.

In literacy we have been enjoying humorous poetry and have used familiar poems as models for writing our own poems.

In maths we have investigated 2D and 3D shapes, sorting using a range of criteria and completing Venn and Carroll diagrams.

In P.E. we have improved our ball skills. We have also completed a series of lessons using large apparatus; we have explored different ways of travelling, balancing and jumping. We have created short sequences of movement, worked with partners and we have watched each other to offer constructive comments.

We have plenty of achievements to celebrate. We have made progress in all areas of the curriculum.

Wishing everyone a safe and well deserved rest before we return to the season of celebrations. Thank-you for your support and close partnership.

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas