Well done Grasshoppers for another busy and successful week! Hawaii here we come! Well nearly!

We have been busy making brochures and business cards for our Holiday Shop. Today we made lists of what we would take on holiday with us if we were off to Hawaii. Our teddies needed to come! Descriptions of ‘sparkling swimming pools as warm as a bath’, ‘golden sunshine and gentle sand’, ‘juicy, fresh, golden pineapples’ in our persuasive writing make this a holiday which is hard to resist! Hopefully, we won’t have any awkward customers to deal with when the Holiday Shop opens next week.

In P.E. we have been practising basic dance moves for Hawaiian style dancing and comparing these with our traditional English dance. We are also using the idea of surfing to support our understanding of quarter and half turns. We’re great at this!

In literacy we have listened to a traditional story from Hawaii: The Feather Cloak. We have made story maps and have made good attempts at summarising the story. In phonics, words beginning with ‘kn’ and ‘gn’ have been a focus, as well as words that have ‘mo’ sounding like ‘mu’, such as Monday and mother. We have also been thinking about plurals and the ‘igh’ pattern. Please do keep reading together at home as much as possible.

In maths, 2D and 3D shapes, symmetry and solving problems linked to shapes and the four operations have been our focus. We enjoyed investigating whether all 2D shapes have a line of symmetry and whether some 2D shapes have many lines of symmetry. Next week we shall be revisiting the four operations and reasoning, using estimation.

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone.

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas