What a busy week! Well done everyone! Congratulations on an excellent assembly: clear speaking voices, thoughtful movement and accompaniment, confident singing and great teamwork!

Its been another week of good teamwork all round. ‘Alien crash lands!’ imaginative newspaper reports in our writing led to some good small group improvisations today. We’ve worked well in teams for maths this week too. Our focus has been on doubling and halving and the link between these concepts. Confidence, knowledge and skills are all steadily improving; this is particularly noticeable when we are explaining to each other, or to the class, the thinking behind our conclusions and proving why these conclusions are correct.

We have spent time outside looking carefully at the beautiful new leaves and blossom that have recently appeared. Back inside, the children have written some beautiful descriptions of what they have seen.

Well done to our children who are in Year 2. SATs have been completed this week and everyone has put in a good effort. Well done to our children who are in Year 1. You have worked really conscientiously and made strides in your learning.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend!

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas