Snow! How exciting! I hope you have enough for a snowman and some snow balls!

Grasshoppers have enjoyed another busy week at school. One highlight has been playing the steel pan drums. We can play an interesting version of Hot Cross Buns! The children have also worked in small groups, some with our Year 2 friends in Caterpillars, improvising and composing tunes on the drums, then performing for each other in the hall. Playing the full size drum added an extra resonance! A lot of constructive team work was in evidence; well done!

We have continued to think about inventions that have changed our world. This week, we have discussed and written about the telephone, the computer, zips and velcro. Talking about so many changes over lots of years has made me feel ancient, which of course I am! This coming week the children will be thinking about something they would choose to invent which could make the world a better place. They will be planning and designing their inventions before making model versions of them.

In maths this week we have been learning more about addition and subtraction, how they work together, and how the context for the numbers does not alter how the numbers work. For example, 14 kgs and 9 more kgs will make 23 kgs. Missing numbers in different places in a range of calculations have also been a focus. We start off by working out what the calculation says, what we are being asked and then think about how to use what we already know. * = 15+6 is an example.

In literacy we have been discussing features in non-fiction books in preparation for completing our own books about inventions and making our own books about creatures this coming week.

Skills for playing rugby and football have been a focus in PE. England rugby fans, do not worry about the future! There’s a great deal of talent coming through! On Monday 26th March, children in Year 1 will be going to Okehampton Primary School for the afternoon to enjoy a PE multi-skills event. Hopefully, we shall not have snow then!

On Thursday 29th March the school will be celebrating the season with an Easter service in church at 2:00pm. Please do join us if you are able.

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas