This week we have been enjoying different Funnybones activites. You may find some finger puppets talking to you or a friendly skeleton’s face instead of the child you were expecting!

A highlight this week has been playing the maths games which children in Year 2 have been making for their homework activity. They have been great and we have really enjoyed playing them. Thank-you to all of the parents who enjoyed helping with this activity.

In literacy we have been thinking about funny poems, rhyme, rhythm and patterns. We have quickly made up some of our own versions. Well done Grasshoppers! Next week we shall continue looking at poetry and using ideas to inspire our own poems.

In Forest School this week we investigated different smells, after finding out how our noses work. Back inside school it was quite tricky to tell the smell of apple from the smell of pear without seeing what we were smelling. We could all identify orange. We found out that smells are closely linked with our emotions and everyone had something to say about the smells at home which are special.

We have had a discussion about our assembly next week and we are not short of ideas! The school value next week is ‘Free to be ourselves’ and everyone is keen to include something they are good at in the assembly. Please can ballet clothes, football kits or clothes worn for martial arts come into school next week so that we can wear them in assembly? Thank-you! Our assembly is at 3:00pm on Thursday 19th.

Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend!

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas