Please may I introduce Mrs. Lethbridge to you all? She is working with us in the mornings. We are very pleased to welcome her to Grasshoppers class.

We have all enjoyed another busy week at school. Highlights this week have included introducing our topic on Hawaii. With volcanoes, surfing, dancing and exotic food, this is a firm favourite with us all. We shall soon be able to welcome you to our ‘Hawaiian Holidays’ travel agents where we can help you find the right holiday! This role play area will provide the stimulus for plenty of improvisation and it will help us improve our understanding of what Hawaii is like. We shall learn about the purpose of posters and brochures to persuade. We shall also explore designs for sunglasses, swimming pools and surfboards. We have enthusiastic Hawaiian style dancers already! This week in PE we have also learned a traditional dance from England which may have its origins in Devon. The children picked this up very quickly and enjoyed dancing it with partners and as a class.

In literacy we have been flexing our muscles with similes and have come up with an interesting selection to describe ourselves! These include ‘hair as gold as the sun’, ‘eyes as twinkly as a firework’ and ‘freckles as spotty as a leopard’. In phonics we have been thinking about the phoneme ‘c’ makes in many words when it is followed by an ‘e’ or an ‘i’; words such as centipede, centre, cent, city, scent-which led to discussion of ‘cent, scent and sent’.

In maths we have used straws, matchsticks and blutac to make a range of  2D shapes. We have found out that all 2D shapes with three straight sides are still triangles even if they do look very different from each other. We are also trying to say the word ‘quadrilateral’ and to remember that this refers to all 2D shapes with four straight sides; squares and rectangles are two special sorts of quadrilaterals.

Please do enjoy finding out about Hawaii on the internet if you are able. Please keep reading together at home.

Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend.

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas