Well done Grasshoppers for a super last week of this half-term! Our assembly was really enjoyed by the class, who loved the story and told it so well. Great acting, story telling and moving. We love stories and will continue to enjoy a wide range of tales from around the world next half-term. When we return, our topic will be Inventors and Inventions. We will have an inventing workshop instead of a travel agents in the classroom. Our topic on Hawaii has been a great success. We have learnt a great deal geographically, historically and scientifically. Hawaii has also been an effective vehicle for a focus on fractions in maths: half price holidays for example; for writing in literacy: stories, brochures, descriptive and persuasive writing; for design and technology: sunglasses, surfboards, volcanoes, and for dance: comparing English country dancing with Hawaiian style dancing. We only wish we could all go there on holiday! Second best has been watching a video made for us by a young girl who lives in Hawaii. We have all written letters to her and hope to hear back.

We shall be continuing our focus on division when we come back to school so any practical sharing and dividing during the holiday will be helpful. In Science our new focus will be on Materials. Can you name a lot of the materials used in your home, linking their use with their properties? Our focus on Materials will link well with our look at important inventions and inventors, which in turn will encompass history as we think about the changes the inventions have brought. We shall also be planning, making and evaluating some inventions of our own!

Meanwhile, please do keep enjoying a selection of books and reading; this core skill contributes to all of the work we do and is crucially important. The sun is shining in between the snow showers! We shall continue looking at the changing seasons when we return!

Wishing you all a safe and happy week. Well done Grasshoppers for a great effort so far this term!

Catherine Thomas