We have been off to Hawaii a few times this week! In PE we have made up our own moves for an English country dance and our own moves for Hawaiian style dancing. We have chosen some of these and everyone has danced them; well done for creating your own dance moves, and dances, Grasshoppers!. We have been able to feel how different the two styles of dancing are and how they make us feel; very happy indeed!

Our holiday shop has been busy with special offers this week!  Half price offers on the cost of holidays: £100 instead of £200; £50 instead of £100. Oh look! Is that a pig flying past the window?  We’ve also had to cut the length of some holidays: one week instead of two, five days instead of ten. Flying to Hawaii has got faster though; three hours instead of six hours. These activities have helped us to use fractions in context. We mostly feel confident about problem solving where fractions are involved; finding fractions of shapes, fractions of amounts and fractions of numbers. Next week we shall be focussing on how fractions link with division and investigating more about division.

As a part of our work in history, we have learned a little about Captain Cook and his visits to Hawaii. The children were really interested in these stories and they have enjoyed retelling them.

In literacy, we have been soaking up rich vocabulary to use as adjectives and noun phrases to enhance our writing and to create vivid pictures for our readers. We have used the story of ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’ and we’ve had fun creating our own story about a yo-yo bear and how it could become disgusting if it was dropped outside on the school playground. Trust me, you would not want to eat it!

As a part of our science and geography, we have found out some amazing facts about volcanoes and Hawaii. Do you know where the tallest volcano in the world is? Do you know where there are active volcanoes right now?

Lastly, this week we have been very fortunate to watch a short film of a youngster close to our age, speaking directly to us from a beach in Hawaii. Wow! We have all written letters to Ashlyn, who featured in the film for us, thanking her and asking her questions. This was very special and we found it very exciting!

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas