A very Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have all enjoyed the festive period. The children have returned to school full of enthusiasm and with plenty to say about their holidays; it is such a magical time of year for them. Everyone has been very confident to write about their holiday, which is great!

These first couple of days back we are revisiting multiplication in maths. Next week we shall be focusing on 2D and 3D shape and on positional language: left, right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, a quarter, half, three-quarters and complete turns. Any games and activities you can play at home to help support understanding would be brilliant. Thank-you.

We are thinking about the weather and the season; what a lot of weather we are having! In literacy we are enjoying creating acrostic poems and using similes. Year 1 have composed this poem: ‘I saw snow that looked as fluffy as a polar bear. Cold ice fell off my roof like feathers. Every day I look out of my window and see grass as shiny as daggers.’ Well done Year 1! Children in Year 2 have created their own individual WINTER poems which include lovely similes such as ‘I love the snowflakes which are as beautiful as crystals.’ Well done Year 2! In PE we have created short movement sequences in small groups to illustrate a weather type: sunshine and rain to make rainbows and tornadoes were very popular! Tomorrow everyone will be able to invent a new weather condition which will be fun! Let’s hope the weekend weather is good. Have a safe and happy weekend.

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas