We started off with corn flour on Monday, then it looked like we had a bad snowstorm. On Tuesday and Wednesday we added water to make gloop and on Thursday and Friday we added sand to make moon sand. The children have really enjoyed describing textures and mixing in the various ingredients using various tools.






The children have been  looking in the mirror to see their eyes, nose, mouth and hair to be able to draw their faces.


The children have also been making faces with the play dough, rolling, squashing and cutting the play dough to create faces on our play dough mats.


The children have been matching number to quantity with ducks and jelly numbers in the water tray,

The children have been exploring the wet sand to make various sandcastles using different sized pots, using maths language like, full, empty, big and small.

The children have really enjoyed having the mud kitchen outside Little Robins class making mud pies and cakes, cooking on the pretend cooker.

The children have been playing the spotty dog games matching spots to numbers whilst understanding the rules of a game and taking it in turns.









Have a great weekend from everyone in Littles Robins Class in our Foundation Stage Unit.