We have been reading the Owl babies book all week, discussing our feelings about being sad and what things make us feel sad. The children have actually shown some good understanding of expressing how they are feeling.In our sensory tray, we put lots of feathers in it for the children to feel and explore and experience the feeling of feathers linking this to our book The Owl Babies. The children were all laughing at the soft touch sensation of the feathers that tickled their skin!





At our creative table, the children were exploring how to create leaf rubbings. Placing the leaf under the paper and listening to instructions on how to rub the crayon over the leaf to create various patterns.





In our sand tray, we had various sized pots for measuring various amounts of sand using maths language of large, small, tiny, big, bigger, smaller and smallest.





In our water play this week we had various measuring jugs and pots to talk about numbers and quantity using lots of number language as well as maths language like, full and empty.






The children have been playing games to recognise their shapes!





Have a great weekend with family and friends

From everyone in our FSU in Little Robins Class