In our sensory tray, we had pasta and rice, filling up pots using lots of maths language more, full, empty, lots.The children were demonstrating their co-ordination skills holding a spoon to fill up their pots but by Wednesday, the children changed the textures by adding lots of water.

In our water tray the children have been demonstrating their pouring skills filling by filling up pots pouring it out and filling them up again. They have been showing an understanding our routines of putting on an apron.










Some children were investigating how things work and using a screwdriver, they wanted to check the batteries to see why it did not work.

The children made play dough this week counting “How Many” cups of different ingredients we used, then feeling the different textures when we added each new ingredient.









The children have been demonstrating their fine motor skills whilst painting pictures at the painting easel whilst being proud of their work.












In Big Robin’s class we have been dancing to “Go Noodle” practising our dance moves and co-ordination skills.









The children have been practising mark making their names this week, practising holing their pencils, using one-handed tools and mark making on the paper describing when they have done.

PARENTS: can you all please remember to bring in your child’s book bag and blue contact book, as it is very useful to pass on important information regarding your child’s session. If you do not have a book bag, or contact book please ask a member of staff and we will sort it out for you.

Have a great weekend with family and friends from everyone in our FSU in Little Robins Class