The Children have had a busy week doing various activities and engaging in Handa Surprise stories with The Big Robins Class.

The sand Play was very interesting this week as the children started the game of hiding treasure for the other children to find. We had to look for trucks, spoons, cars, pots, and elephants







The children were trying really hard to build sand castles and the remembered that they needed to add a little amount of water to make the sand wet.





We had an amazing music session this week the the children demonstrating that they can listen to instructions when we said stop or start. The children then took over and copied what they had seen the adult doing. They were also amazing at showing us their understanding of loud and soft playing music as well.



Chagstock watch this space! the new up and coming boy band called “Rocking Little Robins” they were singing and playing their instruments to entertain the rest of the class.




Puzzles the children can not get enough! they are really getting very good at observing the pictures and making the puzzles very quickly,





Popping Construction was a big hit whilst the children were able to think and use their skills to construct with this equipment making cars and towers. They also demonstrated how kind they are to their friends by sharing the equipment.



Wow what an amazing farm set up by the children and an adult (I think the adult was having just as much fun) all the animals were sorted into pens and looked after really well.




Have a great Weekend With all your family and friends

From Everyone in our FSU in Little Robins Class