Ahhh Little Robins have had another busy week playing co-operatively, sharing resources, learning how to use kind hands, being a good friend and helping the grown-up!

Demonstrating our cutting skills at the mark making table cutting around fish and circle shapes to make clocks!




Treasure hunt! How many shells can you find hiding in the sand? the children were able to collect and find the shells and count How many they had, sometimes with a little help from the grown-ups



Making lots of puzzles understanding special awareness, whilst demonstrationing good observational skills looking at the puzzle picture and making the puzzle correctly.




Building with lots of Lego, using our fine motor skills, building towers, constructing hotels or fields for their animals. the children demonstrated the knew some Lego shapes, colours and counting colour sets



We made jelly to play with in our sensory to represent the sea and the wobble waves! the children absolutely loved the squidgy feel and a lot of our two year olds enjoyed trying to eat it as well!



Have an amazing weekend with family and friends from Everyone in our Foundation Stage Unit in Little Robins Class