All week have been playing the listening lotto game which is all part of Phonics Phase 1 before they go into Big Robins class, the children have demonstrated really good listening skills and waiting their turn. They were able to tolerate delay and the older children would put up their hands to answer a question!

The children were designing their own boats from various junk modelling materials





The children were engaged in our sensory try this week where we made gloop, we added different colours to talk about colour mixing. The children were fascinated that the gloop became liquid when it was in your hand and became hard when in the sensory tray!!! Lots of brilliant questions and answers




Playing the sea life lotto game with the children taking it in turns and describing the various creatures




Lots of mark making whist colouring in Fish and boats this week with a random bus in the mix! the children have been demonstrating good pincer grip and control of their pens






Have a great weekend with Family and Friends

from Everyone in Little Robins Class