Welcome Back to the Summer Term!!! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter Holiday with Family and Friends!                                                         With the Summer coming with lots of sun shine please may I remind you all to please apply sun cream to your child BEFORE they arrive at Little Robins, and please bring in a hat for your child to wear, Thank you

Our Theme this Term is going to be Sealife!

The Water tray had lots of fish and glitter in the water and the children were challenged to see how many fish they could catch! The children were also encouraged to recognise the numbers on the fish to help with their number recognition skills. They were also encouraged to count the fish they had caught in their nets.

They all demonstrated good hand co-ordination using the fishing rods




The children were challenged to find the shells in the sand! they counted how many they found and some of the shells had letters on the and we practised some letter sounds, with adults sounding out the letter and the children repeating it!






The children demonstrated good creative skills whilst decorating their Rainbow fish ready to go on our Display to make an under water display (make sure you have a look next week).





As above







The children wanted to also paint some of the fish for our display as well showing good fine motor skills whilst using a paint brush





I think we may be out of a job soon!!! ………………….as the children took over our register time as they all gathered their own clipboards and started doing  the register saying good morning to each other and making marks on the paper when they had said good morning!

Great opportunity to show have they have grown in confidence whilst practising their mark making skills and mathematics development making marks to represent numbers! Brilliant



Have a great weekend with family and Friends from Everyone in our wonderful FSU – Little Robins Class