what fun and learning we have had this week!

Spider-Man came to visit on his 4th Birthday! we celebrated by singing happy birthday and counting claps 1-4 and looking for number 4 every where in the class room!





How tall are you? is it bigger than you? how will you reach the top? the children demonstrated how they are understanding various questions





Mine is taller than yours? how many blocks have you got? what colours have you used?




describing the constructions they have made, a castle, a tower, a house




Decorating Easter Egg patterns using various colours whilst practising holding our pens in the pincer grip







Decorating Easter Eggs using various materials and textures






Making Easter baskets!





Making Easter baskets listening to instructions and asking the grown-ups for help






We had mud in our sensory tray, filling containers with soil and planting seeds





Big Robins helping little Robins class with our Easter Egg Hunt outside finding the different numbered eggs and encouraging the children to recognise their numbers




Big Robins helping Little Robins with our Easter Eggs Hunt





Easter Egg Hunt




Easter Chick number hunt in little Robins Class all the chicks had escaped and they had o find all the chicks and check we had all the numbers from 0-10





As above






Have great fun over the Easter Holidays with all your family and friends from Everyone in Little Robins Class see you all back in school on Monday 16th April 2018 🙂