Welcome to week 6 of  Little Robins Class

Building with the Stickle bricks making various constructions being able to fit shapes together the children were challenged with finding various colours and shapes whilst building their constructions





Beginning to the confidence to climb onto the stepping stones to demonstrate good balance and coordination to jump






some children were really proud that they could  do this jumping off the stepping stones and landing appropriately on both feet sometimes, or jumping and then rolling demonstrating that they can move in various ways






We were donated a wooden fire Station with all the equipment inside, bunk beds, a shower, fire engine, table & chairs, a computer, ladder, kitchen equipment all made of wood and the children absolutely loved playing with this small world activity. Thank you very much to Amanda and Arnold for giving the children an amazing gift.



In our sensory tray we gathered up lots of snow for the children to experience what changes happen over time, how we could melt it, how long it would take, when did it snow, how did it feel, they were very good at answering all the questions.




We had a Peter Rabbit day with all the children mark making on the cardboard drawing all the different vegetables in Mr McGregor’s garden, they drew carrots, radishes, cabbage, lettuce, strawberries a rainbow and some grass







We made rabbit ears, cat ears and wolf ears pulling all the tunnels and tents out to make a home for all the rabbits to live in! all the children engaged in this role play activity offering their own ideas of how the story was going to happen. brilliant sharing and playing cooperatively with everyone




Have an amazing weekend everyone with family and friends, we are only open for four days next week Monday – Thursday as it will be the Easter Holidays, lets hope we have a weekend free from the white snow!!!!!!

From Everyone in Little Robins Class