In the water tray this week, we had various objects to investigate which items would float or sink. The children then did lots of counting how many objects they could fit in their nets.







In our sensory tray, we had lots of shaving foam for the children to explore and use their senses to feel and smell it, describing how it felt and what it smelt like. We then extended the activity by doing mark making writing their names in the foam or drawing pictures.














At the literacy table, the children were demonstrating good control with mark making tools and describing what they have drawn.












The children were exploring many different ways to move over the soft play area.







The children played a matching pairs game, they were able to match the animal pairs quickly, whilst taking it in turns with their friends.







The children have been drawing self-portraits with coloured crayons, looking in the mirror pointing at eyes, ears, nose and mouth.






Have a great weekend with your family and friends from everyone in the FSU Little Robins Class