We had mud in the sensory tray with Zoo animals in the mud as well. The children would hide their animal and describe it to the adult who then had to guess which animal the child had hidden in the mud!!!














We have been doing lots of mark making, colouring pictures and cutting them out whilst demonstrating how good we are at using one-handed tools.







The children love shapes in the water!!! Finding each shape and naming them as well, discussing how many sides, colour and shape the leaning with this activity can be extended so much than just fishing for shapes!







Puzzles is the biggest favourite activity with the children, they have been demonstrating they can work together building big puzzles and also work independently as well. The children have demonstrated a good idea of space and shapes quickly.





We have had lots of small world activities out this week but their favourite is the farm yard with either farm animals or zoo animals inside it. They have all been playing the same activity sharing ideas and taking it in turns.





Understanding technology, we had a go at programming the mouse bots! The children were amazing at being able to programme the mouse to move across the table to another child.







Have a great weekend with family and friends!
From Everyone in FUS – Little Robins Class