Well this week has gone so fast! We have been celebrating St Georges Day this Week talking and discussing the story and Little Robins have joined in With Big Robins to listen to the story on the Smart Board


The Children were showing us how careful they can be painting the red part of the flag for our bunting holding the small paint brushes with good coordination, some children demonstrated really good pincer grip and the younger children holding in the grasp hold.



Demonstrating the grasp hold but being able to carefully paint within enclosed spaces








Demonstrating mark making skills whilst colouring in a Dragon for St Georges Day celebrations




The children were designing their own shields to protect them from the Dragon, like St George

come in see them on our display!





The children wanted shaving Foam in the sensory Tray this week they have been describing the textures and putting foam hand prints every where!!!!





We added glitter into the shaving Foam because we are doing sea life this term we used this opportunity to tell the children that glitter will sit at the bottom of the ocean for a long long time!



We played the shopping game, taking it in turns, sharing the boards and resources, the children demonstrated that they are able to understand and wait for their turn, understanding delay!





Have a great weekend with all your family and friends, from EVERYONE in our FSU – Little Robins Class