Well can you believe it is half term already! Here are some of the activities we have been doing this week

Making different constructions with the Stickle bricks here is a helicopter






Our Sensory tray had mud inside and the children used spoons to fill pots with  using good coordination







on our creative table we have had various shapes for making different pictures, the children have been able to name the shapes and create their own as well







The children were experimenting making different sounds with the Musical instruments







The children were using good imagination using the foam blocks as skies to slide down the soft play







The children were exploring our mud pile digging with spades, playing with trucks and showing understanding of how we can get the grass to grow you need, soil, water, Sun and ummmmmmmmmmm Rain!







Our two year olds showing confidence at exploring our outdoor environment and good at climbing skills







The children made a  boat from the foam blocks and they were  going on holiday for 11 weeks!!!!!!







Have a great half term everyone with your family and friends

from Everyone in Little Robins Class