This term we will be learning all there is to know (well, nearly!) about our feathered friends! We will be embarking upon a topic about birds of all types: from common British garden birds to birds of prey. As part of this lovely topic, we will be taking part in the Big Schools Birdwatch, run by the RSPB, at some point over the next few weeks.
I have attached the Curriculum Jigsaw so that you can see the full range of activities we hope to pursue, and get an idea of a trip or two which I am hoping to organize.

If you or anyone you know can offer any expertise in thus area, please let me know. It is always great to learn from other members of our knowledgeable and talented community.

Curriculum jigsaw Overview – Birds Spring 1 2018

I am hoping that by the end of this topic your children will be experts at identifying common birds and their songs too! I had better get my I-Spy book out in readiness 🙂