This is a picture of Charles Causley, local Cornish poet and writer of children’s verse. This week we have been learning about his life story, his reasons for writing poetry (‘If I didn’t I would explode!’) and about the things which fascinated him.

We have learned to recite his poem ‘I am the Song’ by heart. See if your child can remember the whole poem, and tell you something about why it is so strange and intriguing.

In a session where we read a short biography and an interview with the late poet, Verity bravely volunteered to take on the role of Causley, and we asked her questions where she answered as if she were the man himself! She did a great job, and where she did not know how he might respond to a particular question she imagined his response….Well done Verity!

In response to the poem ‘I am the Song’ we made up poems of our own based on this simple yet effective pattern, turning the words and meaning around in the playful way that Causley did. The poems are delightful….and we haven’t finished editing them yet. As soon as we do, we would love to share them with you!

We have also been getting stuck into our ‘Birds and Birdsong’ topic. As the days have gone by, more and more of your children have brought in books, posters, poems, CDs, feathers, wings and even whole stuffed birds to share! Thank you if you have supported your children in doing this…it is lovely to witness their enthusiasm for this theme. Already thchildren (and myself!) are starting to become experts on bird recognition, and at recognizing the songs of each bird. This will be most useful when we come to conduct our study for the RSPB – the Big Schools Birdwatch. I’m hoping that, depending on the weather, we can get out and do this next week.

In order to attract birds to our school grounds, Chantal has been working with the children to put up bird tables, prepare a bird friendly observation area, and repair the bird hide in the wildlife area. We can now watch birds from the warmth of our own classroom 🙂


Here are Luke and Evie looking enviously at the delicious mealworms left out for the garden visitors!

And here is a snap of the children in the Wildlife area working hard on a very chilly afternoon! All in all, it has been a very enjoyable, VERY busy week. Well done children for your unfailing enthusiasm for all things avian!