This has been an even-more-busy-than-usual kind of a week in class, where we have really immersed ourselves in all things birdy! We had a brilliant morning on Wednesday, when Chantal brought in some owl pellets! We spent a full hour dissecting them carefully, finding the grizzly remnants of small rodents, and looking at the bones under the microscope. It was utterly absorbing for all of us. When we had found as many tiny bones as we could, we tried to reassemble them to reconstruct the creature that our owl had consumed whole. Evie is seen here having painstakingly put together the back end of a vole or shrew!







We also went out to survey the bird population, as part of the Big Schools Birdwatch! Despite being very quiet, and as still as we could be, we heard many birds but saw not all that many! possibly due to the sporadic rain, which (we found out back in class) puts the birds off flying about. Apparently this is less due to a waterproofing issue than to atmospheric changes which make it harder for birds to ‘take off’ after having landed. We could certainly hear them in the many trees surrounding the school all chattering away to each other! Mostly we saw wood pigeons, starlings and blackbirds, but robins, chaffinches and even a long tailed wagtail were spotted too! We will go out again for a few minutes  next week when the weather id drier, and see if it makes a difference to the overall count. I wonder how many of you did the Big Garden Birdwatch at home this weekend?

The skull of a diving bird (a cormorant?) with a super strong beak, designed to withstand the impact of sudden contact with water!



Tilly patiently watching the oak tree from behind the hedge!

 We have also been working on division in maths this week, finding out what division is, with and without remainders, and how best to tackle these problems. Many of us find division difficult, but hopefully after lots of practical work we feel more confident!

Don’t forget, it is our assembly on Thursday next week!