This week in Dragonflies has been pretty busy, even by our usual standards! We have spent much of the week preparing for our assembly, and for our Skype call with the school in Georgia with which we have recently established a Skype link.

It has been fascinating to find out all about this little-known country, and discover the wealth of natural beauty and rich cultural tradition that can be found there. We have learned some of the language, experimented with writing their alphabet, listened to Georgian music and found out about the geography of this part of the world. The children have been very keen to find out more, and were very excited when we eventually got to speak to the students in Chkorotsku school by (a rather glitchy!) video link. As usual, we owe a debt of gratitude to Paul from Stone Lane gardens, who has helped to set up and maintain this link via his local contacts. It was great to watch the Georgian students sing and play instruments for us, and to hear about their fascinating New Year traditions. We talked a little about ours, and sang them a song we had been learning too, much to the delight of our audience!

Talking of song, we were also honoured to have in our midst a close relative of the poet Charles Causley, who we have been studying in our literacy lessons. The respected musician Jim Causley came to perform for us on Wednesday morning – although in effect it was the other way round! Jim was amazed by our off-by-heart recitation of ‘I Am The Song’ and especially by the childrens’ singing his rendition of the poem, which he had put to music and added his own lyrics. It has really deepened our appreciation of the poetry, and showed us what wonderful things can be done with a few well chosen words 🙂 The childrens’ own versions of Causley poems are now on display in the main corridor, along with some of their accompanying paintings. Do please come and read them – they are really lovely.

All this hard work was evident in our assembly on Thursday afternoon – what a super performance. I am sure that everyone who came took away with them some knowledge about Georgia, and a sense of how talented and creative the children in Dragonflies are.