Caterpillars – Week 6

We’ve had a lovely last week in Caterpillar class!

First off in Maths, we have been learning more about how to read digital times and using both 12hr and 24hr clocks. We’ve also revisited Roman numerals for Year 3 and explored sequencing events through the day using AM and PM. After half term we will be visiting Time for the first week and then moving on to try something new!

In English, we have written some truly excellent short stories about wishes that go wrong. Each story has used speech marks (or inverted commas to give them their proper name) and lots of great description to elaborate on how the characters are feeling as things go from strange to stranger with each wish! At the bottom of our blog is our ‘human sentence’ where we practiced using speech marks. Can you guess what it says?

In Science, we have been creating models of our alien designs in Year 2 and linking these to the 7 processes of life and in Year 3 we have been exploring opaque, translucent and transparent materials in a hands on experiment to create new curtains for ‘NASA’. It’s been great to observe the children thinking carefully about how to build their models and how to test each material using a torch or other light sources.

We also had a visit from Chantelle who came in to help us with potting some plants ready for the new school/term and also let us have a go at looking after some May bugs. Some children were braver than others but overall all enjoyed and were very respectful around these beautiful creatures!

In Computing, we learnt a bit more about safe searches and how the internet works. We also had a go at checking how to carry out a web search safely by adding ‘for children/for kids’ to the end of searches and using websites such as Swiggle and YoutubeKids.

In PE, we have completed our ‘mile a day’ challenge and over the last three weeks, Caterpillar class have ran a whopping six miles! This is a tremendous feat, especially in such hot weather, so well done to all of Caterpillar class for such excellent support of one another and perseverance!

In History, we had lots and lots of fun creating our own hieroglyphic messages to one another and learning more about the history of the Rosetta stone. We began by studying the hieroglyphic alphabet and then had a go ourselves at decoding different sentences. In PHSE, we also read a wonderful story about giving back and only taking what is needed to link in with our Global Citizens work. The children handled their discussions politely and raised some very good points along the way.

Finally, tomorrow we are looking forward to some time based Maths challenges, polishing up our stories and completing our 3D space art as we listen to Holst’s the planets for inspiration.

Have a brilliant Friday and half term everyone!

Best wishes,

Joe Skinner and the Year 2/3 team.