Caterpillars – Week 6

What a lovely end to term it has been!

In English, we have written some lovely poetry about animals and used a brilliant range of descriptive language to share what our creatures look like without using their names! We’ve also written some excellent diary entries on life as a Viking invader/settler! It’s been lovely seeing the children stepping into the shoes of a Viking and really exploring how they may have felt on that first voyage to Britain so many years ago.

In Maths, we have been looking at the relationship between operations and using the inverse to solve missing number problems. Lots of great problem solving going on and plenty of superb teamwork, patience and hard work from all involved! We also had the Fizz Pop scientist leading an assembly for us and had lots of fun learning about air and the crazy experiments you can do! The Fizz Pop team will also be running an after school club so please check out the newsletter/website for more details on sign up!

In PE, we had the pleasure of Year 2 from Grasshoppers joining us for Monday afternoon so we spent the afternoon exploring types of throws in a variety of different games. The children all supported each other beautifully and it was great to see our Year 3’s leading and setting such great examples in each activity.

In Art, we have completed our topic on Pop Art and produced some excellent art work based around the Mickey Mouse piece by Andy Warhol in which the same image is replicated and re-printed in different colours. The children thought long and hard about what they would like to produce their piece about and then proceeded to create one drawing of this object/subject. This picture was then traced three more times to create the four images you see below. Once traced, the children then used a selection of watercolours to paint their pictures before inking the pencil lines with a broad, black pen to give each image the sharp outlines found in the work of Roy Lichtenstein. The result is a wonderfully colourful piece of work that the children should be very proud of! A huge well done to all of Caterpillars class!

In Computing we have completed our very own video games and had lots of fun going ‘behind the scenes’ to code and structure how each character should move. For those at home, the website link is here: and the username and password for our class (and everyone else’s projects so please be careful when exploring!) is listed below.

User – Caterpillars23

Password – chagford

Once logged in, please head to the top right corner of the screen, click on Caterpillars23 and head to ‘My Stuff.’ There you find our games for you to have a go with!

Please can I remind parents/carers that while our video games are not public, there is content on the Scratch website which may have been created by older children/adults and therefore might not always be appropriate for children. Therefore, please can I ask parents/carers to explore Scratch with their children to just make sure they are being safe online.

Finally, we are looking forward to having a lovely time celebrating Easter and sharing our Easter prayers with you all in Church this afternoon. We had a great discussion about the Easter story and what we are thankful for at this time of year so we hope you enjoy it!

Next term we have lots of exciting things coming up so please make sure the children have a good rest (they certainly deserve it!) and have a wonderful time over the Easter break.

Happy Easter everyone!

Best wishes,

Joe Skinner and the Year 2/3 team.