Caterpillars – Week 6

What a brilliant week to end the term on!

This week we have been exploring fractions of amounts and identifying equivalent fractions in lots of different ways. We’ve also been super team mates by creating our own fraction walls to help us further understand how fractions can be equivalent.

In English, we have been writing our own recounts from the perspective of one of Captain Cook’s shipmates! We began by taking part in a scavenger hunt around the classroom to find out what we could about Captain Cook and his life. We then had lots of fun thinking up new and exciting ways to describe how Hawaii may have looked in the past when Captain Cook had first arrived. We especially enjoyed watching some travel videos about the ‘warm, sandy beaches and steaming volcanoes with boiling, bubbling lava.’ It certainly made us feel warmer as the snow began to fall outside!

In PE, we brought our dance topic to a close with some Moana inspired dance and yoga. It’s been great this half term seeing how far the children have come from being shy and unconfident at first,  to now being able to complete difficult yoga poses and sequence dance moves together confidently with their friends.

On Wednesday afternoon, we had a great time with Chantelle learning more about rocks and enjoying a campfire with some tasty soup to warm us up! We certainly have a few budding palaeontologists and geologists in class after this term’s work on rocks and habitats! We’ve also been working on celebrating ‘Safer Internet Day’ by creating our own PowerPoints on how to be safe online with our friends. The children have been very sensible and respectful as always and shown a great deal of support towards each other. Our PowerPoints will then be entered into a competition to win a laptop computer (KS2 only I’m afraid for this year!) so good luck to all who entered and well done Caterpillars!

Finally, we going to be bringing our topic of Hawaii to a close by watching the excellent film Moana with the Year 1’s and 2’s. It was lovely to hear the children discussing the Polynesian travellers during our English sessions and how they founded Hawaii in the same way that Moana’s island is discovered in the film.

We are also saying good bye to Miss Harrison who has been training to be a teacher with us. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning with Miss Harrison and we wish her all the very best as she returns to Okehampton and her teaching career beyond!

Have a brilliant half term everyone and please make sure Caterpillar class rest lots, read often and have lots of fun!


Best wishes,


Joe Skinner and the Year 2/3 team.