Caterpillars – Week 5

It’s been a super week in Caterpillars class!

In English this week, we have been thinking of what could go missing in school and creating some bizarre and crazy ideas on what could have happened to those items! For example, who knew a cabbage could roll in and swallow up a pencil!? Lots of excellent question work and use of conjunctions to fully explain each unusual answer!

In Maths, we have been exploring measure in different ways and comparing and ordering different units of measurement. We have also been measuring things around the classroom and working out the difference between the biggest and smallest items we can find! Lots of enjoyment here as we measured the most unusual things we could think of.

In Science, we have been learning about food chains and recapping the 7 processes of life once more. It’s been lovely to see the children thinking carefully about how food chains work and how this relates to the 7 processes of life.

In Geography, we created our own maps for own islands! This week we have drawn and designed the island’s main features and next week we will be adding in a grid referencing system so we can challenge our friends to work out the four-digit grid reference for each feature!

In PE, we prepared ourselves for that nail biting England match by honing our football skills outside. We began with some short drills on stopping and dribbling with the ball before expanding onto passing and shooting. We then played 4 mini games with our friends which was lots of fun! Thankfully we didn’t end up in penalties at the end of these matches however!

Finally, next week we are looking forward to exploring what perimeter is once more, challenging ourselves to estimate and record different durations of time, writing our own set of unusual questions and answers and our school trip to We the Curious on Tuesday!

Please could I remind all parents to let the school know by Friday 6th (Tomorrow) whether or not your child will need a school packed lunch or not. Thank you in advance!

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!

Best wishes,

Joe Skinner and the Year 2/3 team.