Caterpillars – Week 5

We’ve had a great week in Caterpillars class this week!

In Maths, we have been tackling the tricky business of telling the time using analogue clocks for Year 2 and Roman numerals for Year 3. We have thought carefully about ways to remember what each number can represent depending on which hand is pointing at it and counting in 5’s to recognise difference times for past and to each hour. It’s been lovely to see the Year 3’s helping our younger Year 2’s and vice versa in some places too!


In English, we have been working in pairs to create our own stories about a wish that goes wrong with some hilarious results! We have had houses full of Shopkins and Squishies, ear lobes that reach the floor because of gigantic diamond earrings and the ability to fly whilst still being scared of heights! I can’t wait to hear what new stories we come up with next week!


In PE we had a fantastic time with the Year ¾ Dragonflies as we took part in our second and final Cricket workshop with Andy at the Cricket ground. Andy helped us to practice catching, bowling and running with the bat before playing our own mini games against our friends.  We had a great time and the children represented the school perfectly so a huge well done to both classes and a big thank you to Andy for organising!


In Science, we have been learning more about Space and how light travels to our planet from the sun. We explored how our eyes receive and interpret light to let us see and then set up an experiment to see how the sun’s UV rays can affect the colour of different cards when left exposed to sunlight for a week Next week we will see what has happened to the colours and see if we can explain what has happened and why! Year 2 have had fun designing their own aliens and explaining how they survive on their planets using the 7 processes of life. They then began building their own junk model version of the aliens so look out for them sneaking around school soon!

Finally, tomorrow we are looking forward to making our own planets using paper mache and next week we are looking forward to creating our own stories about a wish that goes wrong, exploring digital clocks and making our own clocks in maths, finding out the results of our science experiment and lots more!

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!

Best wishes,

Joe Skinner and the Year 2/3 team.