Caterpillars – Week 4

Another action packed week for Caterpillars with mummies, froglets and cricket galore!

In Maths this week, we have come to the end of our work on multiplying and dividing by looking at using number facts to divide in arrays and on number lines and doubling and halving bigger and bigger numbers.

In English, we have started our new text on ‘Grendel – A Cautionary Tale about Chocolate’ where a monster wishes everything he touches turns to chocolate! However, the wish doesn’t exactly go to plan for Grendel! This week, we have been looking at how the author has excited the reader using speech marks (or inverted commas to give them their proper terminology), exciting verbs and conjunctions to explain how the characters are feeling.

This week we have merged our History and Science into one afternoon workshop as we became Ancient Egyptian Mummy makers! First, we learnt about the mummification process and how and why the Ancient Egyptians did this before we had a go ourselves using ‘dead’ oranges! First we make a small incision and scooped out the ‘internal organs’ of the oranges. Next we dried the insides before filling the skins with chives and cinnamon as they would have done in Egyptian times. After this, we stuffed the orange full of a mixture of bicarbonate and salt to ‘preserve’ the orange and finally wrapped them in bandages. In a few weeks, the oranges can be opened and the children can observe their mummified fruit! Once we had completed this, we created comic strips on the process before having some fun wrapping each other up as mummies! A fantastic afternoon with some great scientific investigations and predictions throughout!

For our Outdoor Learning this week, we have been out and about with Chantelle to release our froglets into the wild as they have grown big and strong now. We had a great time learning about the frog lifecycle and wish our little frogs all the best for the future!

Finally in PE, we have been practicing our cricket skills on the cricket ground with Andy who taught us some new skills on how to bat, bowl and field with Dragonflies class.  We had lots of fun honing our skills and next week look forward to some mini games using these skills with our friends.

Tomorrow, we are looking forward to creating some artwork inspired by our Space topic, the art/techniques of Jackson Pollock and Holst’s The Planets as part of our expressive art theme this term.

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!

Best wishes,

Joe Skinner and the Year 2/3 team.