Caterpillars – Week 3

We’ve made the most of sun (and the rain) this week in Caterpillars class!

We began the week with lots of high jump practice and it was lovely to see lots of children overcoming their nerves and giving their best to jump higher and higher with each level. We have our finalists for this year now and will be looking forward to cheering them on in the finals this afternoon. We have also finished our last session with Andy on Cricket. We have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and would like to thank Andy for his hard work and dedication in helping us to improve and perfect our skills.

In English this week, we have been writing our own instructions on how to achieve different things from ‘how to train a pony to canter’ to ‘teaching a unicorn how to floss!’ It’s been an interesting journey (especially for the unicorn!) and there’s been lots of excellent language being injected into each step so great effort Caterpillars!

In Maths, we have been furthering our understanding of data and enjoyed a traffic survey to determine whether or not the roadworks have affected the flow of traffic in the square (spoiler alert: Yes they certainly have!). We counted over 130 cars as well as a few lorries, vans and couple of cyclists who were quite taken aback when a group of school children cheered them whizzing past the Spar!

In Computing, we have been working with ‘Lightbot’ to code and create different video games and levels of challenge. Working in pairs, the children had to think logically, debug where needed and predict what the robot would have to do. Lots of super skills involved indeed!

In History, we have been exploring more about the Ancient Greeks and what they have done for us. The children used a variety of sources to research what is similar and what may have been different for the Greeks. It was a brilliant session with lots of great enquiries and discoveries. For example, did you know that the Ancient Greeks invented the vending machine and alarm clocks!?

Finally, next week we are looking forward to Sports day on Tuesday, our final swimming session for Y3 and lots more!

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!

Best wishes,

Joe Skinner and the Year 2/3 team.