Caterpillars – Week 2

What a brilliant but bizarre week we’ve had!

I’d like to start off by saying a huge well done to Caterpillar class for their excellent assembly on forgiveness. The message we had hoped to deliver was well received and lots of children have come up to me saying our class, ‘do the best assemblies.’ Caterpillars all your hard work has paid off so a very big well done to you and for your amazing ideas!

Before the assembly however, we had an unusual Monday morning when we returned from the weekend to find our music room was a complete mess! Having watched the CCTV footage, we soon determined that a young, female T-Rex had wandered in from the moors looking for Friday’s fish and chips school dinners! The T-Rex had caused quite a mess and the children were very eager to report back to me what had happened. Lots of super description and newspaper report writing from all involved so well done Caterpillars!

In Maths, we have been working very hard with multiplying and dividing. This week we have explored the different number facts we can find for times and divide and how we can use them to solve missing number problems. Lots of great thinking and reasoning skills present here which is always good to see.

In Art, we have been listening to Holst’s ‘The Planets’ as part of our space theme and thinking about what the music makes us feel and visualise. We then spent some time being mindful with the music and recording in our sketchbooks what images came to mind.

Finally, we have the results from last term’s Pop Art competition. For Spring 2, each class was asked to produce some artwork for the Health centre to put up in their waiting rooms and corridors to give those who visit something colourful and cheerful to look at. For Year 2/3, the winners were Maisie-Jayne, Emily and Poppy so a huge congrats to you girls!

Next week we are looking forward to learning more about the Ancient Egyptians, Howard Carter and his discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, multiplying and dividing larger numbers and the wonders of space.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Best wishes,

Joe Skinner and the Year 2/3 team.






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