Caterpillars – Spring 2

Please find below a copy of the ‘Welcome back’ letter we will be sending home and the new jigsaw with subjects updated for Spring 2.

Best wishes,

Joe Skinner and the Year 2/3 team.

Caterpillars Class Year 2/3                                                       February 2018

Welcome back to Caterpillars class!

This term our topic is all about ‘inventions’ where we will be donning our thinking caps and thinking of new and exciting ways in which we can help make the world a better place!

PE this term will be focusing on multi skills which involves learning a variety of skills to do with catching, throwing, fielding and moving the ball through different games and activities.

Our class PE slots have changed and will now take place on Monday and Tuesday each week so please can we ask parents to bring in PE kits in preparation for our first PE sessions. PE kits for the Spring term will need to include a T-shirt or long sleeve shirt for the colder days, shorts or jogging bottoms and sensible trainers or plimsolls for outside PE games and activities that are ok to get a bit muddy.

While on the subject of PE kits and items from home, please can I ask all parents to write their child’s name in their PE kit and on water bottles to avoid confusion when we get changed/have things in the classroom from home. We have had a few items go missing previously when we get changed for PE so please can we be vigilant with naming items to avoid misplaced PE kit and other belongings in the future.

Homework will be due in on Thursday as before and sent out again on Friday. There will be a new grid coming home which has a range of ideas for home learning and practice however as always the way in which this practice is recorded is entirely up to your child’s preferences. For example, if there was a maths challenge to have a go at it is entirely up to your child whether they’d like to sit down and write directly into the home learning book, or would rather work physically such as counting Lego pieces or grapes etc.

We have also changed the spellings practice format for this term to further incorporate the techniques we use in class to learn our spellings. You will find every two weeks, there will be a selection of words to learn based on the Year 2/3 Common Exception Words and then a further two or three which we are frequently misspelling in our writing. To further support the children in remembering how to spell these words, we will now give two weeks to the practice of these words before moving onto a new set of words.

It would be great if those at home could use the new spelling format with their children to practice each word. There is guidance on how to do each activity next to the spellings grid.

As always, your support at home will go a long way to help the children in their learning at school. We truly do appreciate the support both the school and your children receive from you also thank you in advance.

If anyone has any questions or queries please do not hesitate to pop into class either before or after school or drop me an email through the school admin team.

Here’s to a great new term!

Joe Skinner and the Year 2/3 team.



Jigsaw Spring 2