Another lovely week in Birch Class has gone by in a flash! Here’s some of what we got up to this week….

  • The Year 6 had their mock SATs week and I was really impressed with how calm and mature they have been. Hopefully, now they have a good idea of how SATs week will run and can put away any worries about exams for a little while at least.
  • Whilst the Year 6 were out, the Year 5 have been taught by Mrs Wiseman and Miss P; they have been really stretched with some difficult mathematical problems but have tackled them with a lot of determination and resilience. Well done!
  • We have all (just about) finished our Ancient Egyptian Canopic Jars – they are all painted up, have secret messages written on the outside in hieroglyphics and the animal gods they made out of clay for the jar lid look great! J
  • We also started to make Ancient Egyptian themed board games and quizzes to bring together all of our learning on this topic.
  • We put together an assembly about Grenville House – it brought back a lot of great memories for us all and it was lovely to reflect on the great experiences we had.
  • Miss Rowe was back on Wednesday afternoon to teach us this year’s Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra body percussion project. It’s tricky!



Sheets should have come today in bags.



Find a Dartmoor based Myth, Legend or Ghost story and re-write it in your own words.



Spelling pattern – err or –er

Referring             preferred            transferring                       preference         transfer