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This week in Birch class we have:

  • Been busily writing creative stories to enter into the BBC’s 500 word competition
  • Finishing up our unit on fractions with multiplying, dividing and finding fractions of amounts
  • In PE we practiced our balancing, challenged our cores and fully stretched our bodies with Yoga before playing dodgeball.
  • We have continued to work on our projects about different countries around the world (see below for more details about what you can get up to over the holidays!)
  • In RE we learnt about the 5 Pillars of Islam and in PHSE we thought about the qualities that make a good friend



Continue to work on the project about a country of your choice.
Here are some suggestions for activities you might like to do over the half-term week:

  • Find out about an artist from your chosen country and create piece of art inspired by that artist
  • Find a recipe of a traditional food cooked in your chosen country and have a go at cooking/baking it. You could even have a go a cooking a family meal! (Be safe and ask an adult to guide you with any sharp/hot things).
  • Create a model of a famous landmark from your chosen country (this could be a building, or a famous mountain etc.)
  • Create a topographical model of your chosen country



After half-term we will be working on Decimals and Percentages for the first couple of weeks. You should have a sheet in your bag that will help to remind you of some of the things that you have been taught about decimals and percentages up to Y5 or Y6. Have a good crack at this and your brains should be all warmed-up and ready to go after half-term.


Deceive                 receive                 achieve                mischief               believe

Have a great half term!