This week in Birch class we have…

  • Looked at the three main nutrients we get from our food (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) and looked at how athletes need the perfect balance of all 3 to perform at their best.
  • Practiced column subtraction and counting-up (frog) to find the difference in Maths
  • Finished, edited, improved and published our Varjak stories – now we have moved on to our new unit of writing based on the text Wallace and Gromit book ‘Cracking Contraptions’.
  • We looked at how the Blitz affected everyday life in Britain during WW2 as well as having an incredible show and tell from Brendan ( tales of shrapnel, medals, and unbelievable luck) and Daisy R has brought some very special items for us to have a look at next week.
  • Met Michael Morpurgo! Michael came in to officially open our new school building and read us a great story that is not yet published!
  • Used the apparatus in Gymnastics to sequence together some of the movements and balances we have been working on over the last few weeks.

Maths Homework

Play Strike It Out with a member of your family – best of 5! If you can’t remember the rules, check them out here.

English Homework

Write a diary entry from Gromit’s (the dog) point of view after having to spend all night bouncing on the Snoozatron!


ALL: leisure / suggest / community

YEAR 5: artificial / official / social / crucial / racial / special

YEAR 6: beneficial / commercial / financial / superficial / sacrificial / judicial


Have a great wekeend – stay dry! Mr B